Rental Charges

Rental Service Charges

Besides the deposit and monthly rental that we will pay to Supplier once we collected from User, additional fees for our service apply.

Once-Off Charges

Charge Amount
Documentation Fee R1499 For first time applicator.
R499 For Users are renting or finished previous rental.
Credit Check R299 We will run a comprehensive credit check during application and will email it to you if your application approved.

# All Price Exclude VAT. Those once-off charges will only be charged with first debit order after your application approved.

Recurring Charges

There is not monthly recurring charges above the month rental amount charged by Supplier. However, if payment has not been collected on time, overdue charges will apply.

Overdue Payment Charges


Based on Prescribed Rate of Interest Act, all overdue payments must be levied at the Prescribed Rate of Interest, at present the rate is 10% per annum.

We will provide User a bank account that prevision deposit can be made before debit order go off to avoid bounced debit order and those charges.


Charge Amount
Late Payment Fee R199 If debit order bounced, this penalty fee will apply, once per month. #1
Debit Order Collection Fee R19 For us resubmit debit order to collect again, charge on every attempt despite success or not.
Letter of Demand R499 We will involve our Attorney after the agreement been breached, which is when due payment more than 10(ten) days. First Letter of Demand and further admin and legal cost occurred will be on User's account.
  #1 if payment agreed is EFT, this fee also apply is EFT not paid at agreed date.

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