Rent Equipment

Advantages of Using the a2 Rental Service

The Option To Buy

At the end of the rental period, Users have the choice to return the equipment, continue with the rental or exercise the buying option and pay R100 plus VAT to own the equipment.

Various Deposit Options

We provide a no-deposit rental option with absolutely no impact on your cash flow. If your cash flow allows, you can choose a small or big deposit option which will lower your total rental cost before the option to own the equipment you rented is available.

VAT Saving, 100% Tax Deductible

The VAT on a rental is raised on a monthly payment and not capitalized upfront, as is done with leasing and instalment sales. This results in saving on early settlements and upgrades. Further savings will still be made as rentals are accepted as "off balance sheet" items and are fully deductible during the period in which they are incurred.

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