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CNC Router Rental: AM.CO.ZA EasyRoute 380V Standard 2050×3050mm PVC Clampable Vacuum CNC Router with Pneumatic Automatic Tool Changer of Three 4kW Water-Cooled Spindles Triple Heads and Stepper Motors, with Vacuum Pump and Dust Collector Full Package Rental with an Option to Buy

Equipment Code R-2030K3/40
Equipment Name AM.CO.ZA EasyRoute 380V Standard 2050×3050mm PVC Clampable Vacuum CNC Router with Pneumatic Automatic Tool Changer of Three 4kW Water-Cooled Spindles Triple Heads and Stepper Motors, with Vacuum Pump and Dust Collector Full Package
Supplier Advanced Machinery (Pty) Ltd

Rental Options

No Deposit Small Deposit Rental Big Deposit Rental
Deposit # R 0 R 63927 R 159824
Fixed Terms 29 Months 36 24 12 36 24 12
Monthly Rental R 17995 R 10995 R 14995 R 28995 R 5395 R 7695 R 14995
Buying Option R 100 after 29/36/24/12 Months of On Time Payments
Payment Options Debit Order Only, Unless Prepaid Credit Covers Monthly Debit Amount
Early Termination Inapplicable. This is a Fixed Term Rental Offer.
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# All Prices Above Exclude VAT (VAT is 15% and Chargeable). Interest rate and Rand to foreign currencies exchange rates effect above prices. Prices are indicative only. Additional Deposit Required for Transport and/or other Expenses. Once-off charges for application apply, please click here for our rental service charges.

Transportation, Service Plan, Installation and Training


Transportation is on the User's account from one of the Supplier's location (subject to availability of each location). A deposit for return transport of same amount is required.

Transport cost is worked out case by case basis - by road freight or other logistic methods, from one of the available location to the User's designated premises. For further relocation of the equipment it is required that both the Supplier and Hirer are notified.

Available locations, subject to stock availability:

Service Plan

The equipment to rent has a service plan that is required to be performed every 3 months. Service is free and there is no charge during the rental period as long as rent is paid on time, however, travel cost still applies. Charged at R8 per km from the Supplier's location to the User's premises, other travel arrangements for long distance. Charges exclude VAT.

First year travel cost is required to be paid in advance with the deposit. This mounts to five times of travel cost -- installation, and four times of travel for service during the first year on a three month interval.

From the second year onwards, it is theUser's obligation to keep the service interval on a three month basis.

Installation and Training

Installation and training are included within the rental plan and provided by the Supplier with the first delivery. Cost of travel will be paid with the deposit. For further installation required once relocation or if further training is required, please contact the Supplier directly for this service.


This equipment warranty provided and fulfilled by the Supplier -- Advanced Machinery (Pty) Ltd, and might differ from the Supplier's own once-off sales deals. It is the User's obligation to maintain the equipment in working condition and repair it fully to working state after the warranty period at User's cost. The system, sub-system and/or components carry different warranty period as listed below:

12 Months Limited Quality Warranty from Day of Delivery

  • R-2030K/40L: AM.CO.ZA EasyRoute 380V Standard 2050×3050mm PVC Clampable Vacuum CNC Router with 4kW Water-Cooled Spindle and Stepper Motors
  • R-SPINDLE-40/100: 4kW Water Cooled Spindle, Φ100mm ER20 Three Phase 380V for CNC Router (3 Pieces)
  • A-COOLER: Generic AM-3000 Thermolysis Water-Cooled Chiller with Max.Pump Flow 10L/min and Lift 10 Metres
  • R-HEAD/20/300: One Additional Router Head Structure Installed for EasyRoute 2050mm Standard Gantry (2 Pieces)
  • AG-VACUUM/LR: Generic 380V 5.5kW Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump for CNC Automation
  • AG-DUST: Generic Industrial Dust Collector 380V 2.2kW with Single Bucket and Two Bags

No Warranty

  • Some of these items will be consumed during usage. If you decide to give back the machine at the end period of your rental agreement , you will be charged an amount of R2976.0200000000004 (excl.) to replace those items.
  • AE-MOTOR/500B: 500B 1.8° High-Torque Hybrid Stepper Motor, 86BHH114-500B-L35C, 4 Leads for EasyRoute STD Router (4 Pieces)
  • R-HOLDER/100: Φ100mm Solid Chromoly Steel Spindle Holder for Water Cool Spindle
  • R-DUST/100: Φ100mm Spindle Dust Hood with Replaceable Brushes and Φ100mm Hose Connector
  • R-CLAMP/6: A Set of Six CNC Router T-Slot Table Clamping Kits
  • AG-CORD/8: 8mm Diameter Rubber Form Sealing Cord for Vacuum Table, Per 10 Metres (2 Pieces)
  • AG-CAP: Rubber Cap for Vacuum Table Vacuum Hole, Per 10 Caps Pack (3 Pieces)
  • R-BOX/380: (Compartment) EasyRoute 380V Control Box, with 7.5kW Inverter, 4 Stepper Motor Drivers and Other Electric Essentials
  • R-GANTRY/2030: (Compartment) EasyRoute 300mm Z-Axis 2050×3050mm Working Area Gantry Structure with Four 450C Stepper Motors and Single Water-Cooling Spindle Supporting Structure
  • R-BOX/ER20: (Compartment) CNC Router Generic Toolbox with Essentials for EasyRoute Standard with 100mm ER20 Spindle
  • R-KEYPAD: EasyRoute CNC Router Control System Hand-held Rugged Keypad with Magnet Mount
  • R-TABLE/K2030: (Compartment) EasyRoute CNC Router PVC Clampable Vacuum Table Structure of 2050×3050mm Working Area
  • R-PRESETTER/DIY: Normally Open Wired 0.1mm Z-Axis Zero Tool Length Setter/Presetter for Entry-Level CNC Machines
  • R-ESSENTIAL: Free Collets, Tool Bits, Spanner Wrenches, Power Cords, Hose Clamps etc for EasyRoute CNC Router New Machine
  • AM-FEET/1T: 6 Pieces of 1Ton Rating Adjustable Levelling Feet for Heavy Machinery, M16 Shank
  • AG-DUST/100: Φ100mm Clear Soft Flexible Dust Collection Hose with Reinforced Wire ~6 Metres Length
  • NO-STOP/1: AM.CO.ZA NO-STOP High Speed Lubrication Oil 1L Bottle for Mechanical Parts like Linear Guide Rails and Runner Blocks
  • AE-CABLE-UVW/5: Three Phase Motor Cable UVW with PE 2.5mm² 27A, about 5 Meter Length (2 Pieces)
  • AG-VACUUM/45: Φ45mm Clear Polyurethane Flexible Vacuum Hose with Reinforced Steel Wire, Per 1 Metre (5 Pieces)
  • X-UTILITY: AM.CO.ZA Utility, Softwares/Drives for CNC Machineries Freely Downloadable from CNCU.CO.ZA
  • AC-ENROUTE: SAi EnRoute Complete, Most Powerful Version Support All Our CNC Routers, Subscription Based Software From $89.95 Monthly

Product Highlights

The product highlights are provided by Supplier and subject to change without notice. Please get a quotation from Supplier for up-to-date information. Those information are for reference only.

  • Use Single Phase 220V Household Power, No AC Power Plug Included
  • Radiating capacity 50W/°C with Energy Saving, Long Working Life Deisng
  • Maximum Pump Flow Rate 10L/min and Maximum Pump Lift 10 Metres Distance
  • Water Tank Capacity 9L, Purified Water Required (Not Supplied), Replace Monthly Suggested
  • Working Area Specially Enlarged for South African Market that Offers 2050mm Width for Perspex
  • Total Four Stepper Motors on All Axis, Two Stepper Motors on Y-Axis
  • Z-Axis Setter/Presetter Included, Automatic Measure Tool Length and Establish 0 Reference Point
  • Clampable Vacuum Table Surface Made By PVC with Aluminium Clamping T-Slots Build In
  • Working Area 2050×3050×300mm on X/Y/Z, the Area Spindle Can Reach
  • Achieve 0.01mm Resolution on All Axis
  • Achieve Under 0.5mm Per Meter Accuracy and Repeatability on All Axis
  • Use Industrial 380V 3-Phase Electricity, 5 Pin 32A Plug Included
  • High Precision Rack and Pinion System with Helical Teeth Driving System on X and Y Axis
  • High-Load, High-Speed Caged Ball Screw Transmission System on Z Axis
  • Linear Guide Rail in Twin Parallels Structure and Two Roller Bearing Sliders on Each Rail Guide X/Y/Z Movement
  • Maximum 20 Meter Per Minute Moving Speed on X/Y Axis, With Factory Default on 12 Meters/Min
  • Maximum 5 Meter Per Minute Moving Speed on Z Axis, With Factory Default on 3 Meters/Min
  • With Standalone AM.CO.ZA® EasyRoute Control System, No Computer Needed, Stable System Suitable for Industrial Usage
  • Accept All Kinds of G-Code File by USB Flush Drive, G-Code File Size Up to 256M
  • Rugged Keypad Against Water, Oil, Dust and Collision, Cheap and Easy to Replace If Damaged
  • With Rotary Attachment Supporting Interface and can Switch between Rotary Rotating and X-Axis Linear Movement
  • Triple Spindle Heads Driven by Compressed Air for Pneumatic Automatic Tool Change of 3 Tools
  • Left and Right Spindles Allow to Manually Adjust from Vertical to Horizontal or Any Angle in Between for Side Slotting/Drilling
  • 5.5kW 380V Motor with RPM 1440 for Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump, Provide 0.097 MPa Vacuum Level on 8.3 L/min Fluid Flow Rate and 3.83 M3/min Air Flow Rate. Just Very Noisy 68dB.

Rental Agreement, and Terms and Conditions

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