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Large Format Printer Rental: AM.CO.ZA FastCOLOUR ONE 1600mm Hybrid UV Large Format Printer with Flatbed Printing Table, EPSON XP600 Printhead and SAi FlexiPRINT Software, with 4L of CMYK UV Ink and Cleaner Rental with an Option to Buy

Equipment Code F1-1604/HYBRID
Equipment Name AM.CO.ZA FastCOLOUR ONE 1600mm Hybrid UV Large Format Printer with Flatbed Printing Table, EPSON XP600 Printhead and SAi FlexiPRINT Software, with 4L of CMYK UV Ink and Cleaner
Supplier Advanced Machinery (Pty) Ltd

Rental Options

No Deposit Small Deposit Rental Big Deposit Rental
Deposit # R 0 R 24417 R 48724
Fixed Terms 29 Months 36 24 12 36 24 12
Monthly Rental R 5495 R 3095 R 4295 R 8195 R 1695 R 2395 R 4495
Buying Option R 100 after 29/36/24/12 Months of On Time Payments
Payment Options Debit Order Only, Unless Prepaid Credit Covers Monthly Debit Amount
Early Termination Inapplicable. This is a Fixed Term Rental Offer.
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# All Prices Above Exclude VAT (VAT is 15% and Chargeable). Interest rate and Rand to foreign currencies exchange rates effect above prices. Prices are indicative only. Additional Deposit Required for Transport and/or other Expenses. Once-off charges for application apply, please click here for our rental service charges.

Transportation, Service Plan, Installation and Training


Transportation is on the User's account from one of the Supplier's location (subject to availability of each location). A deposit for return transport of same amount is required.

Transport cost is worked out case by case basis - by road freight or other logistic methods, from one of the available location to the User's designated premises. For further relocation of the equipment it is required that both the Supplier and Hirer are notified.

Available locations, subject to stock availability:

Service Plan

The equipment to rent has a service plan that is required to be performed every 3 months. Service is free and there is no charge during the rental period as long as rent is paid on time, however, travel cost still applies. Charged at R9.95 per km from the Supplier's location to the User's premises, other travel arrangements for long distance. Charges exclude VAT.

First year travel cost is required to be paid in advance with the deposit. This mounts to five times of travel cost -- installation, and four times of travel for service during the first year on a three month interval.

From the second year onwards, it is theUser's obligation to keep the service interval on a three month basis.

Installation and Training

Installation and training are included within the rental plan and provided by the Supplier with the first delivery. Cost of travel will be paid with the deposit. For further installation required once relocation or if further training is required, please contact the Supplier directly for this service.


This equipment warranty provided and fulfilled by the Supplier -- Advanced Machinery (Pty) Ltd, and might differ from the Supplier's own once-off sales deals. It is the User's obligation to maintain the equipment in working condition and repair it fully to working state after the warranty period at User's cost. The system, sub-system and/or components carry different warranty period as listed below:

12 Months Limited Quality Warranty from Day of Delivery

  • F1-1600: AM.CO.ZA FastCOLOUR ONE 1600mm Printing Area Large Format Printer Barebone Unit, No Printhead, No Software, No Inks
  • F-1600/HEATER: AM.CO.ZA FastCOLOUR Front Electric Radiative Drying Heater with Fans for 1600mm Large Format Printer
  • F-CHILLER: Water Chiller for LED-UV Lamp, with LED Signal Control
  • F-LED: LED-UV Lamp Replacement for UV Ink Curing, Water Cooling Required

No Warranty

  • Some of these items will be consumed during usage. If you decide to give back the machine at the end period of your rental agreement , you will be charged an amount of R24429.01 (excl.) to replace those items.
  • EPSON-XP600/SEALED: EPSON XP600 Printhead with Silicon Sealed Data Cables to Prevent Over Flushed ink Spillage
  • AC-FLEXIPRINT: SAi FlexiPRINT DX AM.CO.ZA Cloud Edition RIP Software (1+2 Printhead, No White) Activation Code, Support Windows 10+
  • F-FLAT: Flatbed Table Extension for Board Printing, Compatible for All FastCOLOUR Large Format Printers, One Side (2 Pieces)
  • F-1600/FEEDER: Rolled Media Feeding Device with Two Round Bars for 1600mm AM.CO.ZA FastCOLOUR Printer
  • F-1600/ROLLER: Single Drive Take-Up Rolling Collecting Device with Two Stainless Steel Bars for 1600mm AM.CO.ZA FastCOLOUR Lite Printer
  • F2-UV/CYAN: AM.CO.ZA FastCOLOUR Premium Hybrid UV-Curable Cyan Colour Ink 1 Litre Bottle for Flexible Roll-to-Roll and Rigid Flat Sheet Applications
  • F2-UV/YELLOW: AM.CO.ZA FastCOLOUR Premium Hybrid UV-Curable Yellow Colour Ink 1 Litre Bottle for Flexible Roll-to-Roll and Rigid Flat Sheet Applications
  • F2-UV/MAGENTA: AM.CO.ZA FastCOLOUR Premium Hybrid UV-Curable Magenta Colour Ink 1 Litre Bottle for Flexible Roll-to-Roll and Rigid Flat Sheet Applications
  • F2-UV/BLACK: AM.CO.ZA FastCOLOUR Premium Hybrid UV-Curable Black Colour Ink 1 Litre Bottle for Flexible Roll-to-Roll and Rigid Flat Sheet Applications
  • F-INK/DAMPER/DX5/UV: A Set of 8 Solvent and UV Resistant Black Ink Dampers for Φ4 Ink Pipe for EPSON DX5/XP600 Printhead
  • F2-UV/CLEAN: AM.CO.ZA FastCOLOUR Premium Hybrid UV Ink Cleaning Liquid 1 Litre Bottle, for Premium Hybrid UV-Curable Inks Only
  • F-UV/WIPE: UV Ink Printhead Wet Wipes for Solvent Based & UV Ink Clean and Printhead Maintenance, 50 Static Free Wet Wipes
  • AM-WIPE/5: High Performance Microfiber Wipes, 30x30cm, 5 Microfiber Clothes for Lint Free Machine Cleaning
  • S-FLEXI: SAi Flexi Complete, Support All Our Vinyl Cutters and Printers, Generate ICC Colour Profile. Subscription Based Software From $49.95 Monthly

Product Highlights

The product highlights are provided by Supplier and subject to change without notice. Please get a quotation from Supplier for up-to-date information. Those information are for reference only.

  • Maximum Printing Width 1600 mm with 20kg Capacity Rolled Media Feeding System
  • Bi-Directional Printing Enabled, Printing Speed on 4 Pass Draft Mode is 15 m2/h
    Printing Speed on 6 Pass Production Mode is 10 m2/h
    Printing Speed on 8 Pass Quality Mode is 8 m2/h
  • With 1L of Each of Premium Hybrid CMYK LED-UV Curable Ink for Roll-to-Roll and Board Printing
  • Eight UV/Solvent Resist Ink Feeding Tanks with 8 Ink Pipes Feed to Printhead for Easy Ink Swap
  • Include Free 100ml EPSON Factory Use Liquid for Printhead Daily Maintenance
  • This Hybrid Printer Design for Many Different Ink Types, and Adapt to Roll-to-Roll and Flatbed Printing (Extra Table Needed)
  • Negative Pressure Continuous Ink Supply System (CISS), also Call Tank Ink System
  • Automatic Printhead Cleaning Functions Included, Anti Ink-Blocking, Auto Flash and Moisturizing
  • Automatic Lifting Printhead Ink Capping System, Easy Alignment and Better Printhead Seal Protection
  • Heavy Duty, Curling Prevention and Width Adjustable Rolled Media Feeding Device
  • Connect to Computer by 100M Network Cable for Fast and Stable Printing Process
  • With EPSON XP600 Printhead and SAi FlexiPRINT RIP Software
  • Pre-Heat and Post-Heat 2 Stage Heating System with 3 Level Temperature Control
  • With Integrated Front Dryer and Heater for Additional Printed Media Drying Before Roll-up
  • Include Rolling Up Device for Media Take-up After Printing
  • Use Household 220V Electricity, Stand-by Power Consumption 32W and Maximum Power Consumption 1500W
  • Support Printing Resolution 720×720 DPI (4 pass), 720×1080 DPI (6 pass) and 720×1440 DPI (8 pass)
  • Fully Robotic Silicon Sealed of 2x 29PIN Cables Preassembled, Speed Up Installtion
  • Sealed Data Cables Has been Proven Prevent Over Flushed ink Spillage
  • Shake Well Before Pour Into Ink Tank, Agitate Ink Tank Once a Day and Before Print
  • Storage and Transit Temperatures 5°C to 35°C
  • Keep in a Cool and Dry Place Away from Direct Sunlight, Do NOT Directly Place on the Floor
  • Operation Condition: Temperature 19°C to 28°C with Relative Humidity 30% to 80% Non-Condensing
  • With One LED-UV Lamp on Left Side of Printhead, Support Bi-Directional UV Printing
  • With Front and Back Removable Flatbed Table Extension to Print Up to 5mm UV Printable Boards

Rental Agreement, and Terms and Conditions

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